Honest, Aggressive Family Law representation

When you are facing a divorce or other family law issue, you understandably may have many questions. You may be wondering what will happen to the children, the house or even the family pet. Whatever your questions, they deserve answers.

At the Ocala, Florida, law office of Ami L. DiLorenzo, P.A., our focus is on providing answers to tough family law questions. We offer straightforward representation — legal advocacy geared toward achieving results. While this may mean being aggressive in Florida courts, it always means being fair and honest with our clients. Contact us to schedule a confidential consultation at 352.671.6700.

Our Founding Attorney, Ami L. DiLorenzo

Ocala divorce attorney Ami L. DiLorenzo represents clients from all over the state of Florida in her divorce and family law practice. There are many distinguishing characteristics that separate Ami L. DiLorenzo from other family law attorneys in the area:

  • She is one of several distinguished attorneys in her family
  • She is experienced, with almost 10 years of law practice
  • She is Florida-educated
  • She is licensed to practice law in every federal and state court in Florida, and is also licensed to practice in New York
  • She is protective of your rights and interests
  • She is always seeking a fair resolution
  • She is tough-minded, when situations dictate
  • She is willing to litigate aggressively when necessary
  • She is available to you, anytime, day or night

Ms. DiLorenzo provides honest and aggressive representation for her clients in family law practice areas such as divorce, child support and child custody, same-sex partnership agreements, parental relocation and paternity.

Regardless of the challenges you face, you can depend on Ocala divorce lawyer Ami L. DiLorenzo as a strong advocate to protect your rights and your assets — someone to help you achieve peace of mind as you go through the legal system.

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Whether you are focused on protecting your home, your children or your financial investments, you should contact a respected lawyer who has years of experience, a personal belief in you and a reputation for results. At a time in your life when these events can be overwhelming, you deserve to work with an advocate you can trust.

To schedule a consultation with an Ocala divorce attorney, contact the law office of Ami L. DiLorenzo, P.A., at 352.671.6700 or by completing our online contact form. We place great emphasis on returning messages promptly.