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Steadfast Representation In Matters Of Domestic Violence

When domestic violence is a factor in a relationship, it can change everything. For this reason, allegations must be taken seriously. At the law office of Ami L. DiLorenzo, P.A., we are serious about domestic violence. We handle domestic violence-related legal matters by taking a straightforward approach: we believe in acting aggressively to protect our clients’ rights.

We represent both the petitioning spouse and the respondent in legal proceedings in the Marion County area and throughout Florida, helping our clients to manage temporary injunctions (often called domestic violence injunctions or orders for protection).

Domestic Violence Allegations Are Serious

Domestic violence allegations are serious and need to be taken seriously. If your relationship has been subject to domestic violence, or allegations of domestic violence, call our office immediately for a consultation with an Ocala domestic violence lawyer at 352-580-1141. If you feel physically threatened or suspect that violence against you or your children is imminent, you should seek help immediately by contacting the police.

The Legal Effects Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence not only affects the emotional and physical states of the individuals involved in the relationship, but can also change the way the law affects them as well.

  • For example:
  • Divorces are often handled differently when domestic violence is a factor, and the alleged abuser may find himself or herself with diminished parenting time rights.
  • Domestic violence allegations are sometimes used for strategic reasons in a divorce. For example, a spouse may use such an allegation in order to get one person out of the house.
  • Allegations may also be used to wrongly separate a parent from his or her children.

If there are allegations of domestic violence involved in your divorce, you should take immediate steps to protect yourself. If you fail to act, you could even find yourself barred from your house and contact with your children.

Speak To Our Team Regarding Spousal Abuse

To schedule a consultation at the law firm of Ami L. DiLorenzo, P.A., call us at 352-580-1141 or simply contact us with any questions. We place great emphasis on answering email inquiries as quickly as possible. Our Ocala divorce lawyer is here to help you through this process, step by step.