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Helping Florida Residents Navigate Divorce

If you're facing divorce or another family law case, you deserve legal counsel you can trust.

Family Lawyer Ami L. DiLorenzo has almost 20 years of experience helping Florida residents in communities like The Villages deal with complicated legal issues, including divorce, child custody, the division of assets and debts, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and more.

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Helping Residents in The Villages Deal with Divorce

If you search for "The Villages, Florida" in Google, you may notice one of the first suggested search terms that pops up is "The Villages Florida STDs."

In the last two decades, The Villages have gained something of a reputation among retirement communities for cases involving wild parties, venereal diseases, and other sex-related activities. As a result, many residents of The Villages find themselves beset by complicated divorce cases they're not prepared to handle. High divorce-rates in communities such as the villages mirror an increased divorce-rate across the state of Florida as a whole—several Florida politicians have identified divorce as a significant economic detractor for the state.

At Ami L. DiLorenzo, P.A., our team has a wealth of experience helping members of Florida communities like the villages navigate a variety of legal cases, including:

  • Divorce. Our team can help reduce the stress of the divorce process by working with you to create a personalized legal strategy for your case. Whether you want to settle your case out of court or hash out the details of your divorce in the courtroom, we'll work with you to make your goals a reality. If you're a member of The Villages dealing with a divorce instigated by adulterous actions, we'll help you understand how the behavior of your spouse will affect your case.
  • Alimony. Especially in retirement communities such as The Villages, alimony arrangements can impact a case significantly. We'll help you understand the alimony process in Florida.
  • Property division. Members of communities like The Villages often have valuable assets. We'll help you determine what assets you should pursue in court to secure your financial future.
  • Mediation. Not all divorces are ugly affairs. If you're interested in arriving at a mutually beneficial divorce decree with your ex, we can help.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Pre and post-marital agreements always play a role in divorce, particularly in processes such as alimony and asset division. We can help you understand how prenuptial and postnuptial agreements stand to impact your divorce case.
  • The enforcement and modification of orders. You or your ex's circumstances will likely change at some point post-divorce. Our attorney can help you file for post-divorce order enforcement or modification, so your divorce decree accurately mirrors your current circumstances.

At Ami L. Dilorenzo, P.A., it's our pleasure to help clients tackle complicated family law cases such as divorce.

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