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Durational Alimony in Florida: Supporting an Ex for Only So Long

On Behalf of | May 10, 2018 | Divorce, Family Law

For many years, alimony cases in Florida were typically concluded with the establishment of permanent, periodic alimony. Permanent alimony typically lasts until either ex-spouse passes away or remarries, with the payor making regular payments to the receiver all the while.

When permanent alimony would be inappropriate, the court can assign durational alimony instead. Imagine if you were only married for a year or a few years. In such a situation, it would be wholly unreasonable to expect alimony to be assigned “forever”. Durational alimony is limited by the actual length of the marriage, creating an easy-to-understand and typically fair time limit on alimony.

Different Lengths of Marriages & Alimony Decisions

As aforementioned, the duration of a marriage is the main deciding factor for when to use durational alimony or not. For short marriages lasting between zero and seven years durational alimony could be assigned to ensure the lesser earning spouse can stay on their own two feet. However, the court could opt to not use any sort of alimony at all for brief marriages. At that point, it could be argued that there was no solid financial obligation or support system in place during the marriage, and so alimony would be unneeded.

A moderate marriage, which is defined as lasting between 7 and 17 years, is the most likely candidate for durational alimony. Moderate marriages give ample time to establish financial responsibilities and expectations between the spouses. But they do not last so long as to automatically assume the lesser earning spouse cannot eventually fend financially for themselves.

If a marriage lasts more than 17 years, it will be seen as a “long term marriage”. In such a case, durational alimony is lesson common, with permanent alimony usually more appropriate. The court and the divorcees would probably have a simpler time with permanent alimony.

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