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Professional Guidance Through Challenging Times

Ami L. DiLorenzo is also a trained Ocala mediator who has a special expertise to effectively negotiate.

Mediation is a legal requirement for those divorcing in the state of Florida and can conclude the divorce without court intervention in an overwhelming majority of cases. Ami DiLorenzo has been a Certified Florida Supreme Court Mediator since 2015 and can help you to address your family law matters calmly and swiftly.

  • There are several benefits to hiring a mediator with legal training and experience, including:
  • Extensive experience in divorce proceedings of all kinds.
  • A more thorough understanding of the legal implications of your decisions.
  • The ability to prepare an agreement customized to your unique needs.

To speak to Ami about divorce mediation or to find out more about the services she can provide email [email protected].  

Ami DiLorenzo As A Private Mediator

As a mediator, Ami L. DiLorenzo also works as an unbiased third party who represents neither spouse. In mediation, both parties and their mediator work together to reach a settlement that everyone agrees on and assists each party in moving forward in their lives. We work tirelessly to facilitate productive conversations that move beyond the high emotions and help both parties reach reasonable conclusions. After this has been accomplished, she can prepare a legally enforceable agreement that resolves some or all of the issues involved in the divorce proceeding — all while avoiding the stress or expense of time spent in court.

Peace Of Mind

Nothing is more important to our Ocala divorce mediator than helping you to achieve your goals efficiently and in an environment that is encouraging to settlement. Particularly when children are involved, if parents can mutually agree to what is in the family’s best interest without getting the courts involved, it goes a long way in their process of healing and moving forward.

Call us at 352-580-1141 or contact us online today to schedule Ami as your divorce mediator. She will work hard to help you settle your case, facilitate a settlement that everyone can agree upon and move forward.

What Is Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which not only saves divorcing spouses time, money and heartache but gives them the kind of control that is generally lacking throughout the litigation process.

The dissolution of a marriage can be extremely emotional and overwhelming even under the best of conditions. If there exists any kind of contention, as there often does, this stress can be magnified tenfold. If you have children, the stakes increase dramatically as well. With so much in flux in your life during this time, having an impartial mediator to help keep things on track is an invaluable tool. Our Ocala divorce lawyer can serve as your mediator during this trying time.

We can help you come to a peaceful resolution as to how the following things will be handled in your divorce:

Contact us today! We have the skill and experience to guide you through the divorce mediation process.

Why Choose Family Law Mediation?

When parties file for divorce in Florida, mediation is court-mandated. In fact, you cannot get in front of a judge for a final trial unless and until you have attended mediation. Approximately 90% of divorce cases settle prior to trial and most are settled at the mediation stage. This is the best alternative because it gives the litigants control over their divorce: control over what happens to their children, their assets and debts, the marital home.

Ami L. DiLorenzo has been a practicing family law attorney for 20 years. Ami L. DiLorenzo is reasonable, yet firm and can help and guide you to a resolution that you have actively participated in.

The Benefits Of Mediation

  • Saves Time – While it generally depends on how cooperative both parties are, mediation can generally be conducted in a matter of hours, while litigation often takes much longer.
  • Simplicity – It is often simpler to prepare for mediation than it is to prepare for litigation.
  • No Court Dates – Having to schedule court appearances is a major part of what makes litigation less convenient and more time-consuming. With mediation, a schedule can be tailored to suit the needs of both parties and meetings can be held at a neutral location.
  • Fewer Fees & Costs – There are no court filing fees or other related expenses.
  • Personal Control – Without a judge, both parties will be able to work toward a resolution that can better satisfy their own goals and interests. In litigation, it is highly possible neither party will be happy with the outcome.
  • Privacy – Mediation is a private and confidential process.

Call us at 352-580-1141 or contact us online today to take advantage of our divorce and family mediation services.