Two Decades Of Florida Family Law Experience


Encouraging, Knowledgeable & Truthful!

“Going through a divorce for the 1st time (hopefully the only time) was by far the most stressful, emotional, confusing and scary time of my life. I chose Ami as my attorney after doing a lot of research and I am so thankful I chose her. She is very straightforward and gave me the advice I needed. She is encouraging, knowledgeable, truthful and ready to fight when you need it. I thank myself every day that I trusted my instincts and hired Ami as my attorney. In the future, if any other issues arise, I will not hesitate to keep her on as my attorney.” —Rachel G.

Excellent Attorney!

“If you’re looking for a “don’t sugarcoat it” type of attorney, then Ami is for you! She shoots it straight and doesn’t hold back and this makes her an excellent attorney. She offers tough love, but it is needed in divorce situations. I thank God every day for Ami and truly believe that we are placed on a path to meet certain people who make us strive to be a better person. If you’re looking for an excellent attorney, Ami is the one you’re looking for!” —Chris K.

Thankful For Hiring Ami!

“For the past 5 years, I’ve said “…and I’m thankful that I hired Ami for my divorce and my ex didn’t.” Finding her, from all the attorneys out there, was one of the luckiest moments of my life. I, too, was reading these good reviews and smiling because I know exactly what they mean about her. Having her on your side is like having a pet Wolverine who loves you. Bless you, Ami.” —Lynn W.