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Using mediation to solve custody disputes

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2021 | Child Custody

Parents in Florida might find themselves in the middle of a dispute over custody and visitation. It might seem like the only way to resolve it is by heading to court to fight it out. However, mediation can be used to reach an agreement that works for both parents and avoids a lengthy and potentially more expensive court battle.

The mediation process

Mediation can be requested by either parent to resolve a custody dispute and it can also be ordered by the court. When the parties choose mediation, they work with a neutral third party or mediator who tries to help them reach an agreement about their dispute. During a mediation session, the mediator introduces themselves and then asks each party to present their case. After this, the mediator leads discussions and guides the parties towards an agreement. If they reach an agreement, the mediator can also assist them in drafting the written document stating the agreement, which then is presented for approval at court.

The benefits of mediation to resolve custody issues

When parents are in disagreement about custody and visitation issues, they might forget how their disagreement can potentially affect their children as children often find themselves in the middle of the tension and dispute. The mediation process, however, can help parents remember that they should be working in the best interests of their children. Some of the benefits of the process include:

  • Motivation for the parents to work together to solve their issues
  • Opportunity for the parents to show their children that they continue to put them first
  • A potentially faster way to find a custody and visitation agreement that allows all members of the family to move forward

Mediation could be a quicker alternative to resolve the issues that can challenge parents when they are negotiating custody. If you choose to use this process, you should go into it with a desire to make it work.