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How do you know if you should seek a gray divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2021 | Divorce

Some residents of Florida who are over 50 might find themselves questioning if they should stay in their marriage. For a variety of reasons, the divorce rate among older people has steadily risen since 1990, but after spending perhaps decades in a relationship, it can be hard to decide if divorce at this age, or gray divorce, is the right path.

Why gray divorce happens

Gray divorce has continued to rise even as divorce for younger people has declined. Partly, gray divorce has increased due to shifting views in society that provide more acceptance for divorce. Additionally, as more women have entered the workforce and become more financially independent, divorce has also become an option for them if they are unhappy in their marriage. Often, couples are only able to face many of the issues that lead to a gray divorce when their adult children leave home, and as empty-nesters, they realize that what had kept them together was raising their children. Other reasons why gray divorces happen include:

  • Seeking to escape physically, emotionally or mentally abusive partners
  • Dealing with infidelity
  • Leaving spouses who struggle with addictions such as drug or alcohol
  • Choosing to end a relationship that has been plagued with financial issues
  • Realizing that the two spouses have drifted apart

How happy are you in your relationship?

In the end, how happy you are and can be in your marriage will determine if you should seek a divorce or not. Particularly as people live longer, they also realize that they want to ensure that they are satisfied with their life. Taking inventory of the state of your marriage, of the way your spouse and you get along, deal with issues and resolve problems, and being honest about how you see yourself in the future will help you decide if a divorce is right for you.