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How can a divorce coach help me through my split?

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2021 | Divorce

Many people facing the prospect of a divorce in Florida feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn. Although getting legal advice to help you through this time is a good idea, a divorce coach can attend to the mental health aspects of your split and can help you in a different manner.

What is a divorce coach?

Divorce coaches are mental health professionals who have expertise in divorce topics, including parenting planning, co-parenting, child development, the impact of divorce on children and a host of other issues related to splitting up. Although divorce coaches are licensed mental health professionals, they do not provide therapy. Instead, they help you decide what steps to take in a demanding and confusing situation.

Among the tasks that a divorce coach can help you with are:

  • Developing a nesting plan with your spouse for your children
  • Talking to your children about your impending divorce
  • Strengthening and developing your skills to cope with emotions during negotiations
  • Envisioning your post-divorce life
  • Developing a comprehensive parenting plan
  • Building a new parenting partnership with your soon-to-be former spouse

Divorce coaching is a collaborative effort

Many family law attorneys work with divorce coaches as part of a collaborative effort to make divorce proceedings smoother for all of the parties involved. When deciding if you want to work with a divorce coach, interview the person you will potentially work with to discover their experience in the field. It’s wise not to select someone new to the field, as these individuals can potentially derail your negotiations and worsen the situation.

Remember, if you are uncomfortable with your first choice of a divorce coach, you can also change to another individual. The goal of working with on is to help you feel better about the process.