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How to help your adult children through their parent’s divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2022 | Divorce

It’s not uncommon for older adults in Florida to divorce. This situation is so common that it’s now known as a grey divorce. In many cases, these older adults need to prepare their adult children for such major news. With that in mind, here’s how to help your adult children prepare for a grey divorce.

Avoid putting down the other parent

Some aspects of a grey divorce are no different than when a younger couple divorces. In both of these situations, it’s important for divorcing adults to avoid putting down their former spouses in front of their children. This opens you up to the other parent finding out what you say about them in private.

Be honest with your children

As older parents are divorcing, they might feel the need to spare their children’s feelings by lying about certain aspects of a divorce. Your children are now adults, meaning they’re more likely to realize when their parents aren’t being truthful.

Don’t let your child become the parent

Many people feel that a positive aspect of divorce is being able to enjoy a newfound sense of freedom. Unfortunately, having so much freedom in a grey divorce can cause your children to become your parents. Remember, it’s important to have a close relationship with your child. However, your child isn’t your party buddy. Also, putting your children in this type of role reversal situation can create a lot of unwanted stress for them.

Divorcing at any age can cause a lot of mixed emotions, especially when you have adult children in the mix. Fortunately, you can continue setting a great example for your children by not letting the negative aspects of a divorce take over your life.