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Some reasons to seek a divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2022 | Divorce

Being a parent will sometimes hold a failing Florida marriage together. It might give you cause enough to work through your issues. In some cases, the relationship will not only survive but be strengthened by the experience of parenthood – but that’s not always the case.

Parenting can make or break a marriage

It might be time for divorce if the kids have all finally moved out and the parents are no longer responsible for them. Once the house has cleared out, you and your spouse suddenly have much more time to make your own choices. The prospect of a divorce may involve less heartbreak and might not be as much of a logistical nightmare.

Or divorce might present itself as an option simply because, without the kids to take care of, the couple is unable to constantly distract themselves with family matters and avoid the root of their issues. Often it’s only once the nest is empty that parents start to arrive at the realization that they’d be happier on their own.

In other cases, having children in the picture might be an even greater cause for splitting up the marriage. You’d want to get your kids away from your partner as soon as possible if they’re being physically or emotionally abusive, for instance. Parents also commonly divorce when one spouse is exhibiting behavior that you don’t want your children to be around, like drinking or doing drugs.

Divorces can be explosive or slow-burning

Sometimes, a couple has simply grown apart. Relationships can just fizzle out over time, and there isn’t one dramatic incident that sets off the conflict.

Some marriages come to an end all at once. This may happen if there is infidelity, for instance, which is an unforgivable offense for some people.

Sometimes people are financially or logistically unable to get away from their partner. They might want to leave the toxic or abusive relationship but can’t because living on their own is beyond their means.

In those cases, the divorce might happen as soon as opportunity strikes and enough courage is summoned. For anyone who feels trapped in an abusive relationship, there are networks and support groups you can reach out to for help.