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Is the divorce rate higher among older people?

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2021 | Divorce

For Florida residents who are thinking about moving forward with the end of a marriage, there is much to consider. While there are common fundamental considerations in a divorce that are evident in these cases, the individual circumstances are critical. Older people who get divorced must think about different issues than younger people. Paying attention to the statistics for older divorces can be important when weighing options.

People 55 and older are getting divorced more frequently

Statistically, people who are at least 55 years old are getting divorced more often. This is true even as fewer people are getting divorced overall. Currently, the number of people getting divorced is the lowest it has been in more than four decades. There were 40% fewer divorces in 2017 than there were in 1979. Even so, people at least 55 years old have seen their divorce numbers triple. For people 65 and older, it is even higher. Many are people were married young and divorced after their children had grown. Others are from second marriages, which tend to have a higher divorce rate.

Researchers and experts believe this is due to several factors, including the reluctance to remain in an unhappy marriage, people living longer and greater financial freedom. In the past, people tried to save failing marriages or did not have the financial wherewithal to go out on their own. That is no longer as problematic. There are times when it may be wise to attempt to salvage the marriage. In other instances, divorce is preferable for both spouses.

Understanding the key issues is crucial in any divorce

There will be myriad concerns with any divorce. For younger people, child custody, alimony and property division come to the forefront. Older people may not need to worry about children as much, but support and property become even more imperative as there could be real estate, retirement accounts, fear about making ends meet and other issues. Regardless of the situation, divorce is complex, so it is beneficial to have professional assistance. Consulting with an experienced and aggressive advocate may be helpful.