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Common Questions Regarding Divorce For Senior Citizens

Divorce at any age is difficult. For couples who are older and have been married for 20-plus years, you face a unique set of issues. Ami L. DiLorenzo, P.A., can help you through it. We have worked with clients throughout Florida who don’t understand their options. The smartest thing you can do is get proper legal advice. Below is a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. Call our office in Ocala to discuss your specific situation at 352-580-1141. You can also email us.

What Happens To Our Assets?

As an equitable distribution state, your assets and debts will be equally divided. This includes your home, vacation properties, businesses, art and jewelry.

What Happens To My Retirement Account?

This can be especially tricky. Without the proper attorney, you could face substantial tax penalties. A Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is a common solution for this problem. Its goal is to protect both parties and make sure they are both treated fairly.

Is Alimony Possible?

Alimony is typically given to younger couples in order to make sure they are both financially secure moving forward. Older couples tend to be retired and have acquired assets, which means it isn’t always necessary. However, every case is different. You may be entitled to spousal support or could be ordered to pay it. We can discuss your options.