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The importance of parenting styles in child development

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2022 | Child Custody

Children build their character and personalities from a young age by observing the world around them and picking up traits from how their parents act and raise them. Experiencing their parents’ separation or divorce in Florida already confuses them, so to better help them cope, parents must use a parenting style tailored to their needs and promotes a healthier view of relationships.

Parenting styles

There are four most common types of parenting styles: authoritarian, authoritative, permissive and uninvolved. In the authoritarian parenting style, parents expect their kids to follow the strict rules they set during the child custody and parenting time negotiations, and there is no room for reconsideration. Authoritative parents, on the other hand, are more responsive to their children’s emotional needs and provide them with a warm environment. They also set rules but allow flexibility when necessary. Permissive parenting involves providing children with few boundaries and little structure. Lastly, an uninvolved parenting style is where parents have almost no contact with their kids aside from basic financial needs and caretaking needs.

Benefits of establishing a healthy parenting style

When both parents remain involved in their child’s life by using a stable parenting style, it helps minimize the stress that comes from divorce or separation as well as reducing any conflicts between the parents. It also helps develop a better bond between kids and their parents as well as improved emotional and behavioral regulation in kids. Furthermore, children raised in healthy parenting systems tend to show more academic success and have higher self-esteem.

Although divorce or separation is an incredibly difficult time for families, it is important that both parents remain involved and use a stable parenting style to ensure their child’s well-being. With proper guidance from both parents, children will be able to cope better with any emotions brought about by divorce or separation. Additionally, healthy parenting styles can help foster positive relationships within the family unit and provide children with emotional stability moving forward.