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Should You Date Before Your Divorce Is Finalized?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2017 | Divorce, Family Law

While jumping into a new relationship soon after you and your spouse have decided to break up may seem fine, there are plenty of reasons to hold off. A new relationship during a divorce can complicate the proceedings and can impact the resolution of your divorce. Dating during your divorce can have legal, emotional, and financial implications.

Legal Implications

You are still considered married until your divorce is finalized. In states that recognize fault in divorce, dating another person could be construed as adultery, which can affect the outcome of your divorce. Dating can also be used to demonstrate marital misconduct or questionable morals. This can make your divorce more difficult and may result in a less-than-satisfactory resolution of your alimony, child support, or other issues.

Additionally, if your ex-spouse decided to take action against your new relationship, they could sue your partner for alienation of affection. Legal action may not be the best way to start off your new relationship. If you are fighting for custody of your children, you must especially be careful. You and your ex-spouse’s conduct will be examined, but if your new partner will have any contact with your children, you can expect that their background will be scrutinized as well. If they have any past incidences of sexual misconduct, it will have repercussions for your divorce.

Financial Implications

Your financial support after your divorce can be affected by a new relationship. Living with a partner can affect the amount of alimony and child support you receive, and can affect how the marital estate is divided. It is assumed that you need less support if you are living with a partner because the court expects you are splitting living expenses. You may be sacrificing your future financial stability on a relationship that could possibly be temporary.

Emotional Implications

Divorce is an emotionally charged event. While attention from a new person may ease the sting of the process, chances are, your new relationship won’t last. Often, you won’t be emotionally ready to begin a new, lasting relationship. A new partner can be a good distraction from the pain or disappointment of your divorce, but at some point, you will need to work through those emotions. Divorce is stressful, and you probably are not your best self under stress.

If you feel this person is the one for you, ask them to wait until your divorce is finalized. You will be free to start your lives together without the breakup of your past marriage overshadowing your new relationship. You may end up saving yourself heartache in the long run.

Talk to Your Attorney

If you decide to pursue the relationship, consult an attorney. They can advise you on the implications your new relationship may have on your divorce. You should keep your new relationship quiet until your divorce is resolved to avoid causing conflict with your ex-spouse.

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