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The Impact Of A Supporting Relationship On Alimony

In a divorce, an alimony award is made based on the circumstances of the spouses at the time of the divorce. After the divorce, however, it is not unusual for circumstances to change. Ex-spouses often enter into new relationships, and these relationships can become serious. However, many ex-spouses stop short of marriage because they wish to continue receiving alimony payments.

The System Has Been Abused

This is such a problem in Florida that the state legislature has created a statute protecting those paying spousal support. The statute allows individuals to terminate alimony payments when an ex-spouse enters into a continued, supportive long-term relationship — even if that relationship is not marriage.

At the law firm of Ami L. DiLorenzo, P.A., our Florida divorce attorney represents clients in legal proceedings concerning alimony modification or termination based on a supportive relationship. Because each circumstance is unique, we represent both individuals paying alimony and individuals receiving it. To talk with us about your unique situation, contact us.

The Law On Alimony Modification And Supportive Relationships

A 2006 Florida statute allows alimony to be reduced or ended completely when the court finds that — since the granting of your divorce and the original award of alimony — a supportive relationship has existed between the person receiving support and someone he or she lives with.

The court considers the extent to which the spouse and his or her significant other have held themselves out as a married couple by engaging in certain conduct:

  • The sharing of real estate
  • Referring to each other in terms such as “my husband” or “my wife”
  • Jointly contributing to the purchase of property
  • The pooling of resources to pay household and other personal bills
  • The sharing of banking and other financial accounts

If an individual can show that an ex-spouse meets these factors, he or she may be able to terminate alimony. This is best done with the help of an experienced Ocala divorce lawyer.

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