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Grey divorce can be complex and challenging

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2021 | Divorce

As the divorce rate for people over 50 rises, some older Florida couples might find themselves considering ending their marriages. There are many reasons why the number of older couples divorcing has increased, including a generally more accepting view of divorce by society and people living longer and wanting to be satisfied with their lives. One thing most grey divorces have in common, however, is that the process can be very complex.

Emotional complexities

Divorcing after the age of 50 often means leaving a marriage of many years, perhaps with adult children and grandchildren. It can mean leaving the relationships with friends forged during the marriage and the routines that make up daily life. For many older couples, divorce can bring a barrage of feelings during and after the process, as they attempt to make a new life for themselves. They might find themselves seeking emotional refuge in their children, adding even more tension to the situation as those same adult children might feel they must take a side in the issue. The emotional complexities of grey divorce are further strained when financial issues are considered.

Financial complexities

Financially, a grey divorce can lead to worry and fear. Couples are closer to or already in retirement age and the plans they made over many years might be threatened by the divorce. Some of the complexities grey divorce can create include:

  • Dividing assets acquired over many years
  • Figuring out how to cover the expenses of two households with funds that previously only covered one household
  • Finding health coverage after a non-working spouse loses health insurance after divorce
  • Splitting retirement and Social Security benefits

A divorce can be particularly difficult for older couples because of what many feel they can lose. Seeking the assistance of mental health and financial professionals as part of the team might help during the process.