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Learn About The Types Of Child Custody

The child custody process can vary greatly for each couple who undergoes the divorce process. Your judge will weigh several factors when making their final child custody decision. While the specific terms of each child custody agreement are unique, you will be granted two of four types of child custody (now called “parental responsibility”), which we will discuss further.

Sole Parental Responsibility

When a family law judge deems that one parent’s involvement in a child’s life would be to their detriment,  the judge may award them sole custody. Sole custody does not mean that a child will not see one of their parents but essentially means that one parent has primary control over the child, including making important decisions regarding the child’s upbringing and living with them the majority of the time. Courts are generally hesitant to award sole custody.

Joint Or Shared Parental Responsibility

Joint custody is when the court determines that both parents can provide a loving and nurturing home, and as such can share in the responsibilities of raising the child. This includes having them live with both parents and allowing them to share in the decisions regarding their upbringing.

Parental Responsibility

Legal custody is the right and responsibility to make decisions regarding a child’s upbringing. Some of these decisions can include what kind of medical care a child will receive, where they will attend school, what religion they will be brought up in and many others. Once again, courts are hesitant to award sole legal custody, as they believe that both parents should be involved in the decisions regarding raising their child. However, this does not guarantee that a parent who has a history of poor decisions or poor treatment of their children will be allowed to continue to make decisions on their behalf.

Being able to stay involved in your child’s life and spend time with them is extremely important, and as such you should consult with an Ocala family law attorney for legal assistance throughout the process. At Ami L. DiLorenzo, P.A., we have substantial experience providing high-quality legal counsel for a wide range of issues. We understand how much custody/parental responsibility means to you, and we work tirelessly to help you obtain a positive outcome to your case.

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